10 Tips for the Best Ways to Clean Your Pool Liner Effectively

What can be better than taking a swim in your private pool? Thankfully, a pool liner helps you keep that delightful swimming pool strong and sound for many years to come. For that exact reason, every pool liner needs efficient maintenance in order to be properly preserved. But truth be told, no one wants to work hard at maintaining their pool. This is why we’ve prepared here a number of easy things you can do to ensure that your pool liner remains clean, and of course enjoyable.

Take a look at these great pool liner cleaning tips that will definitely extend your pool liner’s life!

  1. Frequency: Once a Week Does the Trick

    You might be wondering exactly how frequently you should be cleaning your pool. The thumb rule here is that you should adopt a regular cleaning routine. Don’t go overboard, so once a week is just the right amount. Naturally, this number could change if your pool is exposed to unexpected foreign materials, or if you find yourself using the pool more than usual. The average is once a week, and the rest is up to you.

  2. A Big No-No: Draining Your Pool

    One of the biggest don’ts when it comes to vinyl pool liners is draining your pool. Emptying your pool could shrink, crack or ruin the pool liner altogether. The liner is there to ensure that your pool maintains its shape, which is why cleaning should be done with the water still in the pool.

  3. Keep in Balance: The Chemicals in Your Pool

    The chemicals in your swimming pool should always be balanced. Testing the chemistry of your pool water is rather easy to do. For instance, in order to maintain a hygienic environment that prevents algae
    and bacteria from festering, you should keep your chlorine levels balanced. Any substance that comes into contact with your pool water, be it leaves or other types of debris, might affect the water’s chemistry. But a regular check will have you covered.

  4. Be Thorough: Reach the Unreachable

    It’s true that this guide is all about easy and simple tips, but every now and then, you just have to get in there and give that pool a thorough scrub. People tend to forget that some pool areas are neglected in your day-to-day pool routine. Dirt and other bacteria can form around swimming pool ladders, stairs and pool surface corners. You could either do a thorough clean once a year (using proper tools) or have a professional over.

  5. Take Special Care: Your Waterline

    Yet another somewhat forgotten pool area is your waterline. This area does stay dry most of the time, but should be tended to differently. This area is often protected with tiles but can still gather dirt as bacteria and debris rise to the top. The dirt can either stain your pool or end up affecting the water’s cleanliness. So, don’t forget to skip that crucial part.

  6. Wipe Them Out: Stains on Your Pool Liner

    There are several causes that can lead to stains on your pool liner. For instance, imbalanced pool water chemistry, or oils that build up. To prevent stains, that affect both your pool’s cleanliness and appearance, make sure that you clean your pool regularly, and when needed, use a gentle brush to scrub them out. You can even use natural cleaners to wipe them out. Be careful however not to use harsh chemicals that might set off your pool’s chemical balance.

  7. Clean Accordingly: Your Pool Type and Liner

    Your maintenance procedures should match the type of pool (and water) that you have. Salt water pools, for instance, can in fact have a vinyl liner that should be cleaned accordingly. Another great example can be applied to cleaning above ground pool liners – as they require extra care, and as previously mentioned, cannot be drained. Knowing and choosing the right kind of tools and substances, could be a real changer in your pool cleaning game.

  8. The Simplest Solution: A Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Sometimes, the perfect answer is just starting right at you: an efficient robotic pool cleaners. Though having a robotic pool cleaner is a great idea whether you have anything from a spa pool and all through a fiberglass pool, this recommendation is especially true for keeping your pool liner squeaky clean. A robotic pool cleaner, basically does all the hard work for you. It cleans the pool faster, more efficiently and most importantly – with zero effort.

  9. As Far As Possible: Sharp Objects and Toys

    Now, this tip might not seem related to your pool’s cleanliness, but it in fact has a lot to do with your pool’s safety and hygiene. Sharp objects and toys that are unsuitable for the pool environment could either tear your liner or alternatively, introduce new bacteria to your pool water. The tears of the liner could accumulate unwanted algae and other debris. Eventually, harming your pool’s cleanliness.

  10.  Cover it Up – Covering Your Pool

    One of the best ways to protect your pool is by covering it up when not in use. The pool cover will protect your pool from any unexpected dirt or other types of debris. Furthermore, a pool cover can prevent your liner from the sun’s harmful impact, otherwise known as weathering.


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