Salt water Pool Maintenance Tips and The Best Cleaners To Use

Salt Water Pool Maintenance

For centuries, people have marveled in the benefits that salt water has on general health. More specifically, on the health of your skin, hair and nails. But aside from this obvious advantage, salt water reduces the need to use harsh chemicals to maintain your pools. This not only furthers your general health, but it also makes salt water pool upkeep much simpler.

With more time to spare as your salt water pool care is reduced to a minimum, you can truly indulge in that cool dip in the water. Here are a couple of simple steps you should take not only to maintain your salt water pool with ease, but also to ensure you enjoy your pool to the fullest. Wait till you get these refreshing tips with minimal effort.
Note, that this article is about pools with salt water system, and not sea water. Make sure to take the robot out of the pool between the cleaning cycles, and wash it with fresh water.

wash with fresh water

Every Day

Don’t worry, you won’t have to clean your pool on a daily basis. It is recommended, however, that you:

  • Sneak a peek every now and then (this should be done with every type of pool), and check there are no large or significant pieces of debris.
  • If you spot anything, be sure to skim it off with a simple pool net.

Every Day

Once a Week

Once a Week

Every pool should be cleaned regularly once a week. Here are the steps that you should take:

  • If larger types of debris, such as leaves, branches or bugs have found their way to your pool, simply skim them out.
  • However, smaller types of debris, such as algea, bacteria and sand, accumulate over time and gather on the pool surface and walls. The best way to prevent this is by activating a robotic pool cleaner. The cleaner is programmable, so it can be set to clean your pool water and surfaces once, or even twice a week.
  • The next thing you should do once a week is check the pool’s chemistry (with a simple home-kit), and ensure all the chemicals are properly balanced according to the acceptable standards.
  • Next, check the filters
    and make sure nothing’s clogging them, and of course, clean them out if something is indeed blocking them.

Once a Month

Once a Month

Now that thanks to your robotic cleaner your pool is cleaned on a regular basis, you would just need to tend to a couple of other things.

  • Once a month you should check the salt levels, ensuring they are in the right range, which is between 3000 and 3500 ppm.
  • We recommend checking the stabilizer levels, as well as the calcium.


Checking the salt levels should be a monthly routine, but there are a couple of additional checks for your quarterly maintenance routine.

  • Plug out the salt cell, and clean out any deposits and buildups. This will ensure the quality of your pool water.
  • Then, once the salt cell is out, soak it in acid*, rinse and plug it back in.

    1. Always add acid to water, never water to acid!
    2. Acid must be used with care. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and internal organs to prevent irreversible or fatal damage.



If you have an outdoor pool, it’s important to prepare it for the winter at the end of the swimming season. How can you winterize and prepare it?

  • Activate your robotic cleaner on full speed to give the pool water and surface a thorough cleaning. This will help you with the next steps.
  • Test the water’s chemistry and adjust it if needed.
  • Use a pool closing kit that shocks the water and prevents the water from accumulating bacteria and algae while the pool is winterized. You might want to drain your pool completely, but if you choose not to, then it’s best to leave the water as cleansed as possible.
  • If possible, drain the pool, brush clean (though your robotic pool cleaner must have done most if not all the work).
  • Cover the pool and count the days until the next swimming season opens.


The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners for Salt Water Pools

Having a robotic pool cleaner for any type of pool is a benefit in itself. But when it comes to a salt water pool, the chemistry is pretty simple to handle, so all you really need to attend to is the pool’s cleanliness. With a robotic pool cleaner, this becomes an even simpler task. And honestly, who doesn’t want to enjoy their pool with minimum effort? So whether you have a big or a small pool, with a robotic cleaner, maintenance and cleanliness become a breeze. Here are our top picks of salt water pool robotic cleaners.

  1. The Advanced Dolphin E 40i

    Perhaps the most important feature for any type of pool (and especially a salt water pool) is having a programmable robotic cleaner. The Dolphin E 40i is an advanced, highly-controllable and programmable robotic cleaner. The cleaner can be set to work on a weekly timer; so you don’t have to worry about your pool’s cleaning maintenance.

    • Remotely controlled by the MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app
    • Easy-to-access top load filter
    • Multi-layer filtration system for different types of debris size
    • PowerStream mobility system for ultimate pool navigation
    • Covers pools up to 12 m, floors, walls and waterline
  2. The All-New Dolphin E 50i

    The Dolphin E 50i offers a complete pool cleaning experience, with its brand new scrubbing, brushing and filtration system. This cleaner was built to provide full convenience combined with a minimal-operation system. Everything you need your robotic pool cleaner to be.

    • Programmable weekly timer and cycle selector
    • Controlled from the MyDolphin™ Plus phone app
    • Active cleaning system of walls, floors and waterline
    • Top-load filter access for maximum convenience
    • For pools up to 15 m
  3. The Convenient Dolphin S 300

    Dolphin S 300 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    When we’re talking about robotic pool cleaners, efficiency is the name of the game. The Dolphin S 300 has a multi-filtration system and a brush+active scrubber that ensure your pool will be left beautifully clean. The model is great for smaller residential pools and can work up to 2 hours, for a hole cleaning cycle.

    • Controllable through the MyDolphin™ Plus app
    • Weekly timer and cleaning cycle selector
    • PowerStream mobility system for full pool navigation
    • Cover pool floors, walls and waterline
    • Multi-layer filtration system for rough and fine debris
  4. The Exceptional Dolphin S 300i

    The most prominent feature of this model is its adaptability and easy-to-use system. The Dolphin S 300i can be controlled on different levels. For instance, manual driving option, a variety of cleaning programs, and even a delayed start feature. Everything you need to fully navigate your pool cleaning needs.

    • Control and activate through your MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app
    • Set a weekly timer and cleaning cycle selector
    • Built-in PowerStream mobility system for full navigation
    • Easy top-load filter access
    • Ideal for pools up to 12m, cleans floors, walls and waterline
  5. The Hassle-free Dolphin M 600

    Dolphin M 600 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    This robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin M 600, was built to tackle the roughest of cleaning challenges. So, you’re definitely in good (robotic) hands. The cleaner is equipped with some of the most advanced cleaning technologies, has a dual active scrubber and is best suited for pools under 15m.

    • Dual drive PowerStream mobility system for full pool coverage
    • Remotely controlled through the MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app
    • Filter indication letting you know when filter needs cleaning
    • Easy-to-use top load filter access
    • “Pick me up” system, comes to the surface of the pool, for easy removal.
  6. The Invaluable Dolphin M 700

    Just sit back and relax as your Dolphin M 700 does all the hard work for you. This model saves you time and trouble, as it has a very simple operation system. The cleaner has wi-fi connectivity and has a variety of adjustable cleaning programs. It is also equipped with a smart pool sensor that notifies about the water’s temperature.

    • Saves energy with low energy consumption system
    • Has a temperature sensor and a filter gauge to know when it needs to be cleaned.
    • Dual drive PowerStream System for full pool mobility and navigation
    • Multi-layer filtration system for rough and fine debris
    • Controlled through the MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app
    • Ideal for pools up to 15m, scrubs floors, walls and waterline

How does it work

Robotic pool cleaners operate automatically, they circulate the pool and clean your pool on two levels – the water in your pool, and the pool’s surface, walls and waterline. They are powered with an electric motor and pump, drawing the water in and filtering different types of debris. They are also equipped with advanced brushes and scrubbers, so as they latch onto the wall, they scrub the bacteria and algae that had built up.


When maintained and used properly, robotic pool cleaners are exceptionally safe. However, they should not be used when there are swimmers in the pool.

Can it climb?

Yes, our robotic cleaners climb on your pool walls to give them a thorough scrub. Some cleaners (for smaller pools or above ground pools), don’t have that function, however, all cleaners listed here, do indeed climb and scrub your pool walls. Some even have a ‘pick me up’ function, which means that they arrive at the pool surface for an easy lift.

Power Source

Robotic pool cleaners are plugged with a long and flexible cable to the robot’s power supply, and connects to any regular household outlet. They require a low voltage to operate, which also makes them safer and prevents electrocutions. In that sense, they also save energy.

Durability and Efficiency

You’ll be glad to hear that with the right maintenance your robotic pool cleaner can last up to eight years of efficient pool cleaning. The device is equipped with all the necessary systems and operations that allow for an effective pool water and surface cleaning.

  • Brushes

Robotic cleaners can have anything from a dual-brush, through an active scrubber and even a system that combines between the two. The brushes and scrubbers are there to rub and clean your pool floor, walls and waterline, all while protecting them.

  • Maintenance

Thankfully, all that robotic pool cleaners require is emptying their filter after the cleaning is done. Plus, some models even have sensors that let you know when it’s time to clean your filter.

  • Weight

The weight of the robotic pool cleaner varies according to the model you choose.

  • Price

In comparison to other solutions, Robotic pool cleaners can be slightly pricey, but they’re actually an investment that lasts for many years, and in the long run, will save you money on water and energy. There are a range of prices according to your specific pool cleaning needs.


Salt water pools are such a delight to have! They’re healthy, the water is smoother, and the maintenance is simpler when it comes to the pool’s chemicals. The salt purifies the water, so you have one less thing to worry about. The robotic pool cleaner seals the deal as it attends to other concerns. It filters out larger types of debris, scrubs and brushes your pool surfaces, minimizing your cleaning routine to a desirable minimum.

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*Please notice: There may be some specification differences in the robots models and their availability between countries.
Recommendations given on this website do not constitute a commitment to the availability of all models in all countries.

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