5 Best Pool Cleaners for Fiberglass Pools in 2023

Best Pool Cleaner for Fiberglass Pool

We all want to enjoy a pool that’s easy to maintain; minimum care, maximum fun. The fiberglass pool is just that. Since it’s manufactured as a one piece, fiberglass pool maintenance requires less time and effort. But still, like every other type, fiberglass pool care shouldn’t be neglected. The simplest way to handle a steady cleaning routine is by choosing the ideal fiberglass pool cleaner – which is exactly what this article is about. We’ll cover here the best pool cleaner for fiberglass pools, which is the best robotic pool cleaner, as well as the best way to clean your fiberglass pool. If you want your pool surface to shine and sparkle, just take a dive into these handy tips.

  1. The Dolphin E 50i

    Fiberglass pools require a cleaner that is thorough and reliable. The Dolphin E 50i is designed to offer ultimate convenience with minimum effort for your residential pool. The Dolphin E50i cleaner for fiberglass pool works best for pools up to 15m and offers full coverage for your pool floor, walls and waterline.

    • Weekly and adjustable schedule and cycle
    • Multi-layer filtration for different types of debris
    • Controllable from the MyDolphin™ Plus phone app
    • Top load filter access for easy maintenance
    • Powerful brush and active scrubber for full coverage
  2. The Dolphin S 300i

    For a superior cleaning experience, you should pick the Dolphin S 300i. This model combines full-control with a completely autonomous and smart system. This cleaner for a fiberglass pool is always connected to your MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app, so the power is in your hands. Just relax and let it do its magic.

    • Suitable for pool up to 12m
    • Programmable and fully adjusted according to timer
    • PowerStream pool navigation system
    • Controlled through the MyDolphin™ Plus phone app
    • Top load easy-use filter access
    • Covers pool floor, walls and waterline
  3. The Dolphin M 500

    Dolphin M 500 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    Sometimes a simple process can be achieved with an advanced cleaning system. The Dolphin M 500, cleaner for fiberglass pool, efficiently cleans your pool, and is equipped with some of the most cutting-edge robotic pool cleaning facilities. The cleaner for fiberglass pool can be remote controlled, and ensures your pool remains squeaky clean.

    • Weekly schedule and cleaning cycle selector
    • Interchangeable set of filters for different types of debris
    • Controlled entirely through MyDolphin™ Plus phone app and a remote control.
    • Active cleaning of floor, walls and waterline
    • Tangle-free cable
    • Suitable for pools up to 15m
  4. The Dolphin M 600

    Your fiberglass pool needs the all-new robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin M 600. This cleaner for fiberglass pool model offers full performance and all the facilities you can expect for such an advanced model. It’s powerful, reliable and easy to use.

    • PowerStream system for efficient pool navigation
    • Remote-controlled through the MyDolphin™ phone app
    • Filter-indicator system for clean filters
    • Top-load filter access for simple maintenance
    • Full coverage of pool floor, walls and waterline
  5. The Dolphin M 700

    Dolphin M 700 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    Covering all your pool’s corners, front to back, you need a high-performing robotic pool cleaner. The Dolphin M 700 is the ideal cleaner for fiberglass pool. This cleaner is complete with a smart sensor that not only scans your pool’s cleanliness, but can also check the pool’s water temperature as well as show the state of your filters.

    • Dual-drive PowerStream for full pool navigation
    • Multi-layer filtration for different sizes of debris
    • Controlled entirely through MyDolphin™ Plus phone app
    • Smart system providing low energy use
    • Dual active scrubber for pool floor, walls and waterline

Do Fiberglass Pools Need Automatic Cleaners?

Since fiberglass pools are such low-maintenance, do you even need a robotic pool cleaner? The answer is YES. Just because the pool is easier to clean, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be well and thoroughly maintained. A robotic cleaner for fiberglass pool gives you that peace of mind that you need to know that your pool is always sufficiently cleaned. Plus, a robotic pool cleaner cleans more than your pool surface, it also filters your pool water, cleaning it from sand and finer debris. But can’t other cleaners do that too? Here’s why you should choose a robotic cleaner for fiberglass pool over other types.

Manual vs. Robotic

While it’s true that robotic pool cleaners can be a significant expense, they can save you so much more. Having a cleaner for fiberglass pool means that you won’t have to do the hard work. The cleaner can be set according to a timer, and will regularly clean your pool, effortless and hassle-free. Furthermore, they’ll save you power, as they work separately from your filtration system and eliminate the need to pump out the water. Last but not least, your cleaner for fiberglass pool can spot the dirt that a manual cleaner simply can’t. It is equipped with sensors, navigation system and a control app, all of which are there to ensure the cleaning experience is thorough and efficient.

How to Maintain a Fiberglass Pool

Simple and low-maintenance are the keywords to describe your fiberglass pool maintenance. And yet, there are a couple of tips that you just can’t miss. We’ve compiled the main steps to maintaining your fiberglass pool, from cleaning, through chemistry and different pool surfaces.

  • Water chemistry maintenance

Every pool’s water has to be maintained through a proper balance of the chemicals in it. The ideal pH levels for a fiberglass pool are between 7.2 to 7.6 and the alkalinity should be 80-120 ppm. The chemicals in your pool can be measured with a home kit, though it is recommended that you consult a specialist every now and then.

Water chemistry maintenance

  • Fiberglass Pool Cleaning

Have you been wondering what to use to clean a fiberglass pool? The best and simplest answer would be a robotic pool cleaner for fiberglass pools. If your fiberglass pool is placed under a tree, you may have witnessed leaves, bugs and even branches. That is exactly why you need a robotic cleaner that can tackle all these. Such a cleaner could also scrub out and filter some of the finer debris, like sand, algea and other bacteria. All you need to do is set the timer on your cleaner, and you’re good to go!

  • Surface Maintenance

Your cleaner for fiberglass pool can do more than filter your water, with the right system, it can brush and scrub your pool surface. A quality cleaner for a fiberglass pool will also be able to thoroughly scrub your pool surface, walls and waterline. Plus, cleaner for fiberglass pool does not require the use of harsh chemicals, and is built to protect your fiberglass pool from any potential scratches to your pool surface.

  • Maintaining Water Level

The best way to clean fiberglass pools and ensure they operate to their fullest, is keeping the pool’s water level at the center of your skimmer plate. The water levels cannot be too low or high, because they might then affect the effectiveness of your pool’s equipment. While balancing your pool’s water level, make sure not to pump the water out on your own – you will need a professional for this process, as pool drainage requires certain procedures to preserve its intactness. The same goes to fiberglass salt water pool maintenance.


Fiberglass pools are a great choice – they’re not only low-maintenance, but they’re also easy to maintain. So if convenience was your main reason to invest in a fiberglass pool, a cleaner for fiberglass pool should be a no-brainer. The robotic pool cleaner will essentially mean that all you need to do is set the weekly schedule and enjoy your family time, in the cool clear water.

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