The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners of 2023

When it comes to choosing a cost-effective and durable robotic pool cleaner, there are a number of features and considerations you should take into account. This guide, helping you to easily navigate through your options, has been created with Maytronics’ rich knowledge in the field of robotic pool cleaners. With over 30 years of experience, holding almost half of the world’s global market share in domestic robotic pool cleaners, and operating internationally – Maytronics has mapped its top picks for your convenience.

  1. Best Pool Cleaners for Large Pools

    The Dolphin M 600

    The Dolphin M 600 is ideal for larger pools since it is a powerful device, with a cloud-connected power supply and advanced remote control options. The standout feature of this pool cleaner is its durability, strength and innovation; ensuring both outstanding results and a user-friendly experience.

    The Dolphin M 500

    Dolphin M 500 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    This Dolphin M 500 robotic pool cleaner model is exceptionally efficient for larger pools, systematically scanning, brushing and cleaning every inch of your pool. The device is complete with advanced mobile app-control, controlled setup programs and safe operation features.

    Best Small Pool Cleaner

    The Dolphin S 100

    Dolphin S 100 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    Affordable, lightweight and easy to operate, the Dolphin S 100 is the best solution for smaller pool owners. Though compact, this pool cleaner is powerful; it climbs up the pool walls for a better cleaning process, scrubs away bacteria, and leaves your pool water hygienic. The best option for domestic and home pools.

  2. Best Wifi® Pool Cleaners

    The Dolphin M 700

    If you’re looking to take your pool cleaning game to a whole new level, a wifi® pool cleaner is just what you need. But the Dolphin M 700 is more than just a smart distant-operated pool cleaner, it’s the new generation of pool cleaners altogether. Running independently, deep cleaning every inch of your pool, and with a low energy consumption – and everything controlled straight from your app.

    The Dolphin E 50i

    Dolphin E 50i Robotic Pool Cleaner
    When it comes to this pool cleaner, minimum-effort is the name of the game. That is, you’ll enjoy an outstanding lightweight pool cleaner, with the most innovative technological features. Complete with a multi-layer filtration system, this Dolphin E 50i pool cleaner actively cleans away every part of your pool. Of course, the device can be controlled from your phone app and navigates easily thanks to its PowerStream mobility system.

  3. Most Economical Pool Cleaners

    The Dolphin S 100

    Dolphin S 100 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    Affordability is without a doubt a significant consideration when picking your pool cleaner. But choosing a pool cleaner on budget alone would be a mistake. That is why we recommend the Dolphin S 100; combining a cost-effective solution with cutting-edge technology. This cleaner is ideal for small domestic pools, is lightweight and easy to operate.

    The Dolphin E 20

    Dolphin E 20 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    This pool cleaner has been a household name for generations, cleaning home pools of smaller sizes. But the most interesting feature about the Dolphin E20 pool cleaner is that it is the ultimate device for above-ground pools. The safety and reliability of this model are not its only wonderful features, this pool cleaner is also a great solution if you’re going for cost-effective and affordable options.

What to Consider Before Buying a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Choosing your pool cleaner should be an educated decision made with all the information at hand. This might seem a confusing task, seeing as you have all this variety of excellent robotic pool cleaners. But in truth, it’s simpler than it seems. Just follow these criteria, make sure that you know your pool requirements and selecting your ultimate pool cleaner will be a splash away. Here are the key elements:

  • Type of Your Pool

    This is perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider in your robotic pool cleaner selection. For instance, if you have an above ground pool, you need a robotic cleaner that takes into account the suction and pressure. This also applies to salt water pools that require advanced filtration systems, as well as spa pools that may need a robotic cleaner of their own. Choose a robotic cleaner that will achieve the optimal results for your pool type.

  • Steps, Stairs, Walls, and Waterlines

    If you have steps, stairs, and naturally pool walls, you should look for a wall climbing pool cleaner to achieve maximum results. But that depends of course, if you’re looking to get those cleaned. If you’re only looking to clean your pool water, this may not be the most important criterion for you. However, a wall climbing pool cleaner could not only clean the bottom of your pool, but it could also scrub the tiles and liner, walls and stairs. So, make sure you know which part you need cleaning.

  • Pool Surface

    Do you happen to know what kind of pool surface you have? Because this just might be the key element to choosing your robotic pool cleaner. A robotic inground pool cleaner would grip onto your pool surface, which is why its type matters. Whether it’s a vinyl pool, fiberglass pool, a concrete pool or a pebble tec pool – your robotic cleaner should be able to handle tiles, liner and more.

  • Pool size

    Your pool size should definitely be one of the crucial components in your robotic pool cleaner selection. A domestic and smaller pool would require a less robust engine, while bigger pools need a device that can withstand the size and last for longer periods of time. This is also an important consideration with regards to the cable length and the nearest power supply. You should also take into consideration your pool depth and not just width.

  • The debris your pool collects

    The type and size of the debris that you expect your robotic cleaner to collect affect the type of filtration system, basket size, the vacuum and suction strength and more. For instance, if your pool is located under or near greenery and plants, you might want to consider a pool cleaner that can handle bigger debris, such as leaves. However, if it’s smaller microns that your robotic pool cleaner needs to tackle, such as algae and bacteria, you should definitely consider a device that can handle finer debris, and leave your water clean and hygienic.


Whatever the features and advantages of your selected robotic pool cleaner, quality should always be the main consideration. But to ensure that you make the best choices for you, familiarize yourself with the different features of your pool. With such a wide array of excellent devices, you can easily find the cleaner that would best suit your pool requirements.

*Please notice: There may be some specification differences in the robots models and their availability between countries.
Recommendations given on this website do not constitute a commitment to the availability of all models in all countries.

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