How to maintain your robotic pool cleaner

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Maintaining your robotic pool cleaner is one of the most important measures you can take in ensuring that it continues working for years to come. Though your robotic pool cleaner has state-of-the-art technology, maintaining it doesn’t need to be as complicated as rocket science.

Follow the steps below to keep your robot in tip-top shape:

    1. Shade


      Your robotic pool cleaner is just like us and enjoys shade when the sun is beating. While the robotic cleaner can operate easily during the warm summer months, we suggest storing it in a cool, dry area when it’s not in use. Intense exposure to the sun can damage some of your robot’s plastic parts, fade its color, and more. Protecting it from the sun can extend its longevity and keep it working hard for you and your pool.

    2. Cover


      Keep your robotic pool cleaner protected from the elements by investing in a caddy cover. Caddy covers are a great way to prevent water from corroding your pool cleaner and to prevent leaves or twigs from damaging the cleaner.

    3. Roll


      Be sure to roll the cable of your pool cleaner like a garden hose so there are no kinks. Kinks can interrupt the water flow in the cable come spring. Keeping it rolled up is also a smart safety measure – a loose cable can be dangerous for people around your pool area, especially kids and elderly people. Best to play it safe and keep the cable neatly rolled and away from people.

    4. Clean


      Make sure to regularly empty the filters in your robotic pool cleaner. Keeping the filters clean will ensure that your robot can tackle any challenge in your pool. We know how tempting the pool is right after a cleaning session, but taking a few extra seconds to empty the filters will keep your robot ready for its next use. Once the filter is emptied, jump right in!

    5. Manage


      Properly maintaining your pool’s chemistry and managing the different chemicals your pool requires is an important way to keep your robot working properly. Testing your pool water to determine chlorine level, alkalinity, ORP, and treating your pool with chemicals like chlorine, CYA, and cal-hypo all go towards keeping your pool clean and healthy. Learn more about your pool’s water chemistry

    6. Watch


      Like with any appliance or technology, it’s best to keep your eye on the robot to make sure that it’s working properly. Some possible indications that your robotic pool cleaner might not be operating optimally include reduced cleaning ability, not climbing your pool walls, and not moving in a straight line. If you notice any of these issues, or simply that something doesn’t seem right about the robot’s performance, contact your local dealer for an expert opinion.

      With proper maintenance, your robotic pool cleaner can serve you for years and can be a central – and convenient – part of keeping your pool clean and ready for fun.

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