Best Robotic Pool Cleaners for Pebble Tec in 2022

Best Pool Cleaner for Pebble Tec

Pebble tec pools are known for their luxuriousness and high quality. Though extremely desirable, the elegant pebble sheen pool finish, created by pebble tec to create a shiny pebble sheen surface, requires special care and maintenance. It demands a professional robotic pool cleaner that can efficiently work with this unique pool surface.

The robotic pool cleaner selected should be equipped with the right suction features to tackle a pebble tec pool surface. We know that choosing a robotic pool cleaner that can tick all the boxes can be quite a difficult task. Which is why we’ve compiled this guide and list with the best robotic pool cleaners for 2021 for pebble tec pools. Let’s dive in!

Top 7 Pool Cleaners for Pebble Tec for 2021

The Thorough Dolphin M 500

The robotic cleaner Dolphin M 500 was designed to ensure a full and systematic coverage of the entire pool surface, walls and waterline included. It has a triple active scrubber, which scrubs yet protects your pebble tec pool surface. For an efficient, meticulous and reliable pool cleaning for pools under 15 m, this model is the best way to go!

  • Interchangeable set of filters tackling different types of debris
  • Simple MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app for easy mobile operation
  • Weekly timer and cleaning cycle selector
  • Varying cleaning cycle duration according to pool size
  • Cleans pool surface, walls and waterline

The Advanced Dolphin M 600

Introducing the model Dolphin M 600, built to clean the toughest dirt, all while preserving your pool’s surface. This robotic pool cleaner has an active dual scrubber that ensures a maximal pool cleaning process. Though all pool cleaners are designed to make your life easier and pool cleaner, this model was completed with some of the finest and newest pool cleaning technologies.

  • Smart filter indicator, notifying when filter needs changing.
  • Simple MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app for easy mobile operation
  • Dual-Drive Power Stream mobility system, reaching every pool corner
  • Easy top load filter access
  • Cleans pool surface, walls and waterline

The Powerful Dolphin M 700

A whole new pool cleaning experience starts with the powerful Dolphin M 700. This robotic cleaner saves you valuable time (and also energy) by running automatically and ensuring that your pool is squeaky clean and scrubbed. What makes this cleaner extremely powerful is that it is equipped with some of the most advanced pool cleaning systems and works in large pools under 15 m. A superior choice for your elegant pebble tec pool.

  • Multi-layer filtration system, preventing even the finest of dirt
  • User-friendly MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app for easy mobile operation
  • CleverClean™ smart navigation and maneuverability system
  • Remotely controlled through bluetooth
  • Cleans pool surface, walls and waterline

The Convenient Dolphin S 300

All sizes of pebble tec pools need a strong robotic pool cleaner. But the pool cleaner should conveniently both match your pool size and your maintenance needs. The Dolphin S 300 is a powerful cleaner that is suitable for pools under 12 m. For a maximum cleaning, the cleaner has several cleaning modes and cleans with a brush as well as an active scrubber.

  • Multi-layer filtration system, cleaning rough and fine dirt
  • Simple MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app for easy mobile operation
  • Powerful mobility system offering full pool cleaning coverage
  • Cleaning cycle duration of 1 to 2 hours
  • Cleans pool surface, walls and waterline

The Dynamic Dolphin S 300i

Dolphin S 300i Robotic Pool Cleaner
If you’re looking for full control with maximum results, the Dolphin S 300i robotic pool might just be the model for you. This dynamic robotic cleaner can be controlled by the multi-function power supply through the user-friendly MyDolphin™ app. The cleaner can be operated both manually and automatically, offering you ultimate ease and freedom.

  • Multi-layer filtration system, tackling all types of dirt
  • Efficient PowerStream mobility system
  • Simple top load filter access
  • Cleaning system comprised of brush + active scrubber
  • Cleans pool surface, walls and waterline

The Reliable Dolphin E 40i

It’s time to up your pool cleaning game and treat your pebble tec pool to the advanced Dolphin E 40i robotic pool cleaner. This robotic pool cleaner is great for efficiently cleaning pools under 12 m, scrubbing the pool’s surface and walls. With this reliable robotic cleaner, you can control your pool cleaning experience, and relax, knowing that your pool is in good hands.

  • Multi-layer filtration system, removing rough and find debris
  • Powerful PowerStream mobility system for full pool coverage
  • Simple control through the MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app
  • Advanced cleaning system with brush + active scrubber
  • Cleans pool surface, walls and waterline

The Exceptional Dolphin E 50i

This model is the next generation of robotic pool cleaners, ensuring that your pool gets the meticulous scrubbing it deserves. The Dolphin E 50i offers the latest pool cleaning technology, with a powerful brush and active scrubber, maintaining any pool at its absolute cleanest. Actively removing any type of debris and algae, this cleaner is always connected, programmed according to a weekly schedule, and designed to provide maximal convenience.

  • Multi-layer filtration system with integrated fine and extra fine filters
  • Powerful PowerStream mobility and maneuverability system
  • Top load filter basket for easy use and cleaning
  • Activation and control through the accessible MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app
  • Cleans pool surface, walls and waterline

What is a robotic pool cleaner?

A robotic pool cleaner is the most convenient and efficient way to keep your pool clean. Forget about your manual cleaners, suction-side pool cleaners, or other solutions. An advanced and smart robotic pool cleaner is a device that automatically cleans your pool, using powerful brushes and scrubs. Nowadays, there is a wide selection of pool cleaners, and the type of model you choose can be adjusted to your pool type, be it an above ground pool or inground. Furthermore, with the right robotic pool cleaner, your pool can be safe and clean from algae, leaves, sand, or any other type of debris that might contaminate your pool.

How does a robotic pool cleaner work?

A robotic pool cleaner operates on an electric motor that creates suction while also brushing and scrubbing your pool’s surface and walls. Unlike suction pool cleaners and vacuum pool cleaners that operate on the pressure of the water, the robotic pool cleaner operates on electricity and suction. Therefore, it can ensure a powerful cleaning experience. Furthermore, thanks to this technology, your robotic pool cleaner can handle any type and size of debris, from algae, through bugs and sand, to leaves and larger dirt. The cherry on top is that robotic pool cleaners can efficiently handle any type of pool, with different surfaces, salt water & spa pool, and pools of different sizes.

Why Robotic Instead of a Pump?

When choosing the ultimate pool cleaner for your pebble tec pool, you might wonder which is best; a robotic pool cleaner or a pump unit that relies on your current pump. Aside from the atomization and easy operation, the robotic pool cleaner has a number of advantages that make it highly favorable, compared to the pump:

  • Robotic pool cleaners are programmable and work according on a schedule
  • The robotic pool cleaner can save you time and energy
  • The robotic pool cleaner harnesses both the power of the water as well as electric
  • Pumps often suffer from more wear and tear than robotic cleaners
  • Robotic pool cleaners tend to be more powerful and offer a thorough cleaning process


Every type of pool needs a thorough cleaning, but if you have a much-desirable pebble tec pool surface, you know the importance of maintaining that elegant finish. Pebble tec pools are unique and luxurious, and as such, deserve to be cleaned with leading robotic pool cleaners. That is why it is important to pick a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner that will maintain your pool’s cleanliness as well as preserve that gorgeous pebble tec pool.

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