How To Clean Pool Water, Complete Guide and Product Reviews

How to clean pool water

It can happen to the best pool owners; you skip a couple of steps of pool water care, perhaps even a couple of weeks, the pool’s chemistry is off and there you have it: a green pool. It should be noted that this can happen to any type of pool, and inground as well as above ground pool water maintenance can be rather simple. This article will provide a step-by-step guide for the most efficient way to make your pool water crystal clear again. If you follow these, keeping your pool water clean should be the easiest thing!

  1. Remove Debris with a Leaf Net

    The very first step to cleaning an extremely dirty pool is removing the large pieces of debris from the pool. Using a leaf net, remove all the leaves, branches and bugs from the pool water and pool floor. The most important thing is not activating any cleaner, robotic, vacuum or manual, to remove the larger debris. Otherwise, you might ruin your swimming pool cleaner.

    Clean Pool Water Debris

  2. Adjust the Chemical

    Now that your pool is clean of large debris, it’s time to adjust the chemicals, which are the most important part in any swimming pool maintenance. The chemicals that need to be balanced in their appropriate ranges are: the pH and Alkalinity.
    Clean Pool Water Chemica

  3. Shock the Pool

    A very dirty pool needs to be “shocked” in order to be thoroughly cleaned, that is, the bacteria and algae need to be disinfected as aggressively as possible. This is achieved through chlorinating the water with as much liquid chlorine as possible. There is no maximum amount of chlorine, and the more you use, the faster the pool will be cleansed. Continue until the water changes color.
    Clean Pool Water shock

  4. Run the Filter for 24 Hours a Day

    Once the pool is disinfected and cleared of bacteria, you can start filtering the water. After all, it’s filled with chlorine and small debris leftover. Turn on your filter 24 hours a day, and backwash a couple of times throughout the day. Remember, you cannot overclean your pool – backwash and clear your filter as many times as possible for an effective cleaning process.

    Clean Pool Water 24H

  5. Clean the Pool Floor

    After a couple of days and once your water turns crystal clear, you might see some leftover debris covering your pool surface. This would be an ideal time to activate your robotic pool cleaner, for a meticulous cleansing of your pool surface, walls and pipeline. Now that the larger chunks of debris are gone, and the pool chemicals are balanced, your cleaner can make sure that the level of cleanliness is well-maintained.

    Clean Pool Water POOL FLOOR

Top Water Pool Cleaners

While green pool water, or very dirty water, can happen to every pool owner, there’s a simple way to prevent it: a robotic pool cleaner. With the right robotic pool cleaner you can set an automatic schedule and the cleaner will effortlessly clean your pool, filter the water and scrub the surface on a regular basis. You won’t have to worry about remembering or even waste time on cleaning your pool – your robotic pool cleaner will do it all for you. Just pick the model that best suits your pool, and you’ll always be in the clear.

  1. The Systematic Dolphin M 400

    Dolphin M 400 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    The Dolphin M 400 is a model built for residential pools under 15m, for ultimate cleaning and an ideal pool scrubbing experience. The cleaner is highly efficient in scrubbing the pool surface, which is especially important if you’ve only recently cleaned your pool from bacteria and algae. This model can also successfully tackle different types and sizes of debris.

    • A programmable and accurate weekly timer
    • Remotely controlled through the smart MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app
    • Interchangeable set of filters for rough and fine debris
    • Tangle-free cable for pools up to 15m
    • Active cleaning system of floor, walls and waterline
  2. The Systematic Dolphin M 500

    For a meticulous and extremely thorough pool cleaning experience, you need a systematic robotic pool cleaner. The Dolphin M 500 assures an accurate scanning of your pool, making sure no corner remains uncleaned. With a triple active scrubber, this model is your safe way to know that you can enjoy your clear pool.

    • A weekly timer, adjusted and programmable
    • Controlled through the easy-to-use MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app
    • Interchangeable set of filters for any size of debris
    • Active cleaning for residential pools up to 15m
    • Effective cleaning of pool floor, walls and waterline
  3. The Hassle-Free Dolphin M 600

    When looking for the right robotic pool cleaner, you want to choose a hassle-free model, just like the Dolphin M 600. With this robotic pool cleaner, you’ll enjoy the comfort of a reliable cleaner that operates conveniently and can be handled with ease. The cleaner is controllable, simple and strong. Everything you need from your ultimate robotic pool cleaner.

    • Dual-driving PowerStream system, for easy navigation
    • An easy set & forget MyDolphin™ Plus app system
    • Built-in filter indicator
    • Top load and extremely easy filter access
    • Brushes and scrubs pool floor, walls and waterline
  4. The Cloud-Based Dolphin M 700

    This model, the Dolphin M 700, was designed to offer a smart and powerful cleaning performance. Its wi-fi connection provides you the control and peace of mind that you need to effectively maintain your pool clean. This robotic pool cleaner packs some of the most cutting-edge features for a superior experience.

    • Multi-layer filtration system for the finest debris
    • Advanced weekly scheduling and programmable system
    • Activated and controlled through phone app
    • Advanced PowerStream navigation system
    • Dual active scrubbing of pool floors, walls and waterline
  5. The Lightweight Dolphin S 200

    Dolphin S 200 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    The Dolphin S 200 is an easy-to-handle, compact and powerful robotic cleaner, for residential pools under 12m. One of the best features of this cleaner, is the simplicity of it. The model is both lightweight, and therefore easy to handle, and simple to maintain. Handle with ease and enjoy your pool breeze.

    • PowerStream mobility and navigation system
    • Cleans residential pools, for up to 12m
    • A steady cleaning cycle time of 2 hours
    • Multi-layer filtration system handling different types of debris
    • Active Scrubber + Brush offering full coverage for pool floor, walls and waterline
  6. The Exceptional Dolphin S 300

    Dolphin S 300 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    This model, the Dolphin S 300, was designed to add a whole level of convenience to your pool cleaning experience. This cleaner has two modes of cleaning, one for a regular and thorough process and the other for a quick scrub. Either way, with an effective robotic pool cleaner, you’re sure to maintain your pool squeaky clean.

    • A programmable and adjustable weekly timer
    • Fully controlled through the MyDolphin™ Plus app system
    • Ideal for residential pools under 12m
    • Multi-filtration system for different types of debris
    • Brush + active scrubber for full pool coverage
  7. The Multi-Functional Dolphin S 300i

    If you’re looking to upgrade your pool cleaning routine, the Dolphin S 300i is definitely the way to go. This model gives your full control of the cleaning process straight from your mobile phone. But more importantly, with its smart scrubbing system, it provides an effective and completely automated pool cleaning experience.

    • A weekly timer with a programmable cleaning cycle
    • PowerStream mobility system for thorough cleaning
    • Top-load filter access for easy maintenance
    • Multi-layer filtration for rough and fine debris
    • Ideal for residential pools under 12m
  8. The Extra-Thorough Dolphin E 30

    Dolphin E 30 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    Sometimes, what you really need is a fail proof and effective basic robotic pool cleaner. The Dolphin E 30 is a reliable cleaner, providing a thorough and powerful pool cleaning experience. The simple yet potent dual active brushing action ensures you enjoy a comprehensive and meticulously clean pool!

    • Active cleaning process with brush + active scrubber
    • Quick water release system for light lifting
    • Easy maintenance and repair
    • Full coverage of pool floor, walls and waterline
    • Cleans residential pools of under 12m
  9. The Advanced Dolphin E 40i

    When top-of-the-line technology meets a superior robotic pool cleaner design, you get the surprising Dolphin E 40i. This model is completely adjustable, from the cleaning program, through your weekly schedule, and the size of your filter – everything you need to have a clear pool and mind.

    • Weekly timer, programmable and precise
    • PowerStream mobility system for effective pool navigation
    • Multi-layer filtration system for any type of debris
    • Control through the MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app
    • Suitable for residential swimming pools under 12m
  10. The All-New Dolphin E 50i

    Dolphin E 50i Robotic Pool Cleaner
    With the Dolphin E 50i robotic pool cleaner, your pool will stay clean like never before. This model offers maximum convenience with all the unique and new features a robotic cleaner can have. A robotic cleaner that gives you just the peace of mind that you need, and ensures your pool’s maintenance remains spotless.

    • Smart programmable weekly timer and cleaning cycle
    • Multi-layer filtration system for any size of debris
    • Easy-to-handle top load filter basket
    • PowerStream mobility system and MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app
    • Full coverage of pool floor, walls and waterline


Cleaning your green pool water is rather simple if you follow these easy steps. However, the simpler way is: prevention. With a powerful robotic pool cleaner you can prevent your pool’s cleanliness from deteriorating. After all, pool maintenance is all about keeping a steady pool cleaning routine. Just program your automatic cleaner, and enjoy your home pool.


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