Best Swimming Pool Bottom Cleaners, for a Clean Pool Floor

The Best Swimming Pool Bottom Cleaners, for a Clean Pool Floor

A clean pool should be a top priority for any pool owner. Whether you own an above ground or inground pool, if it isn’t cleaned regularly, that dirt will soon show up on the bottom of your pool. True, dirt is bound to gather and sink to the bottom, but there’s plenty you can do to avoid that. Plus, maintaining your pool floor cleanliness will ensure a healthier and more enjoyable pool experience. But first, let’s cover all corners and see what kind of dirty can appear on the bottom of your pool.

What is the Brown Stuff at the Bottom of My Pool?

Just imagine wanting to take a refreshing dip in your home pool, only to find out that the bottom is covered with brown dirt. But what is that dirt, and more importantly, how can you avoid it?

  • Algae

    This first and most common type of dirt is algae. Algae is essentially a living plant organism that grows and festers in warm environments. There’s no real way to avoid algae, it happens in all pools. However, if you maintain a clean pool and remove the spores as soon as possible, you can ensure a hygienic experience.

  • Leaves

    Sometimes, the types of dirt that your pool has to deal with, is affected by the location of your pool. If your pool is placed under trees and bushes, leaves are bound to appear in your pool. The main issue with leaves and branches is that they can eventually clog your filtration system.

  • Sand

    Sand is a rather common type of dirt that might appear at the bottom of your pool. It may be carried by the wind, or even enter your pool through an unclean filtration system. But either way, it’s rather common and cleanable.

What is the Best Way to Clean the Bottom of a Pool?

There are a couple of ways to clean the bottom of your pool, most of them are manual and depend on the type of pool that you have. But the best way is the effortless one – a way that allows you to enjoy your pool without having to break your back.  A robotic pool cleaners is just that! It’s an automatic solution that works for you, cleaning and scrubbing your pool floor and walls. Here’s a number of leading pool cleaners just for you!

Above Ground Pool Floor Cleaners

Just because they’re above ground and not as permanent, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t regularly clean your above ground pool. In anything, in order to extend their life and your time enjoying them, above ground pools need their own kind of maintenance. Which is exactly why we’ve compiled this list of our leading above ground pool robotic cleaners.

  1. The Efficient Dolphin S 50

    Dolphin S 50 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    If it’s the most reliable pool cleaner that you’re looking for, the Dolphin S 50 is the right choice for you. This robotic pool cleaner has been a household name for almost 40 years. It was specially designed for above-ground pools, ensuring optimal user experience and a clean pool floor.

  2. The Affordable Dolphin E 10

    Sometimes, you want a strong machine, but on a budget. Which is exactly why we’ve got the Dolphin E 10 for you. Lightweight, user-friendly, and affordable, this robotic pool cleaner is the ideal choice for home-pool owners looking for a simple automatic solution. The model was specially designed for above-ground pools and has a quick water release system. 

  3. The Exceptional Dolphin E 20

    Cleaning your pool’s floors and walls, the robotic Dolphin E 20 is a strong choice for your above-ground pool. The model is complete with a quick water release system, as well as a waterline scrubbing option. Overall, this robotic cleaner is the ultimate model if you’re looking for a thorough clean of your above-ground pool.

  4. The Compact Dolphin E 25

    Dolphin E 25 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    In case you have a smaller above ground pool, under 10m – this is the robotic pool cleaner you need. Similar in qualities to the Dolphin E 20, it’s brother, the Dolphin E 25 is a lightweight version ideal for smaller pools. This cleaner actively scrubs floors and walls,  is easy to lift, operate and maintain.

  5. The Powerful POOL in Cleaner

    Dolphin POOL in Robotic Pool Cleaner
    The POOL in robotic pool cleaner is the next generation of pool cleaners. Specially designed for above ground pools, this cleaner is equipped with the best cleaning systems. Packing a smart navigation system, single-level filtration and combined brushes, this model has it all. Be prepared for a powerful, and most importantly, efficient pool cleaning experience.

  6. The Thorough POOL up Cleaner

    Dolphin POOL up Robotic Pool Cleaner
    What sets the POOL up robotic pool cleaner apart is the fact that it cleans both the pool floor and walls. This robotic pool cleaner offers a thorough and effective pool cleaning experience unlike any other. With an advanced plug and play, single filtration and combined brushes – you’ve got yourself a powerful pool cleaning player to up your game.

Inground Pool Bottom Cleaners

 You’ve probably invested quite a lot in your inground swimming pool. From choosing the design through coating and size, we know you hope to enjoy your pools for many more years to come. But in order to assure that you’re dipping in crystal clean blues, your pool has to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Here’s our top picks for the greatest inground pool cleaners.

  1. The Dynamic Dolphin M 600

    Robotic pool cleaners are there to provide a no hassle pool-cleaning experience. Wish is exactly what the Dolphin M 600 offers, designed for maximum effectiveness and ultimate comfort. This model can be activated from your phone and it meticulously cleans your pool floor, walls and waterline. 

  2. The Economic Dolphin M 700

    Dolphin M 700 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    The Dolphin M 700 is the full package when it comes to pool cleaning. This model is not only equipped with a wi-fi connection, CleverClean™ and PowerStream mobility system, it also provides an extensive cleaning experience. It brushes and scrubs the pool floor, walls and waterline; the full coverage you’ve always dreamed of. 

  3. The Convenient Dolphin S 300

    Dolphin S 300 Robotic Pool CleanerUsing a robotic pool cleaner is all about convenience. The Dolphin S 300 comes with a whole new level of advanced features that ensure your pool cleaning experience is complete. Scrubbing floor, walls and your pool waterline, this model can be set according to a weekly timer, for an effortless experience.

  4. The New Dolphin S 300i

    If you’re looking to take your pool cleaning to the next level, there’s always the Dolphin S 300i. This robotic pool cleaner will give you an easy breezy pool cleaning experience. It’s equipped with a multi-layer filtration system, top load filter access and a full app control. The ultimate cleaner for your pool floor, walls and waterline.

  5. The Advanced Dolphin E 40i

    The main thing you should know about the Dolphin E 40i is that it was designed to make your life easier. With an active bruser and scrubber, the most advanced pool cleaner systems and even a weekly timer, this model is all about performance. When it comes to your pool floor, no cleaner is more thorough and effective. 

  6. The All-New Dolphin E 50i

    Dolphin E 50i Robotic Pool Cleaner
    For larger inground bottom pool cleaning, you should pick the Dolphin E 50i. This robotic pool cleaner offers effective and powerful cleaning of your pool floor, walls and waterline – yes, even for pools up to 15 m. Brushing, scrubbing, filtering and cleaning; you can be sure that this model will leave your pool squeaky clean.

What to Consider Before Buying a Robotic Pool Cleaner to Clean the Bottom of the Pool

 Type of Pool

Not all robotic pool cleaners are ideal for all types of pools. That is why we’ve split our list into above-ground pool cleaners and inground pool cleaners. But that’s not the only difference you should consider. You should also take into account the type of water in your pool – for instance, a salt water and spa pools would need their own kind of cleaner. Know your pool type to match the perfect robotic cleaner.

Pool Surface

Your pool surface is also another aspect to consider. Different pool coatings offer varying types of finishes and aesthetic results. But before you go ahead and buy that robotic pool cleaner you have to make sure that it fits all types of pool surfaces. From vinyl pool and fiberglass pool, through concrete pool and pebble tec pool and all the way to tiles – your robotic pool cleaner brush and scrub should be able to tackle them all.

Pool Size

Pool size is one of the crucial components to picking your robotic pool cleaner. A small pool definitely does not need a robust and heavy cleaner, while a large pool would probably remain unclean with a smaller model. For maximum results (and to save energy, time and resources) match the model to the pool size.


You and your family deserve the absolute best. Which is why keeping your pool clean should be of utmost importance. Not just for a more pleasant swimming experience, but also for your family’s health and wellbeing. To achieve that, your pool needs to be scrubbed from head to toe, or in other words – from floor to waterline. A robotic pool cleaner can save you all that scrubbing and brushing time, freeing you to enjoy the pool in the safest and cleanest way possible.

*Please notice: There may be some specification differences in the robots models and their availability between countries.
Recommendations given on this website do not constitute a commitment to the availability of all models in all countries.

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