The benefits of a pool cover

The benefits of a pool

You’ve already invested in your pool and now you want to keep it operating flawlessly for years to come. Our recommendation? Consider a pool cover. Automatic pool covers are an economic – and safe – choice for any pool owner, especially during the winter months when your pool use is likely reduced. But the benefits of a pool cover extend far beyond wintery weather. The main benefits include:


When it comes to your pool, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Keeping your pool covered can prevent kids from falling or wandering into your pool, along with pets or anyone else who is less comfortable or safe in the water. Not all pool covers are the same. While there are nets or other less rigid covers, you’ll get the maximum safety benefits from an automatic pool cover which provides a strong physical barrier against drowning. You’ll sleep better knowing you made the safe choice, we promise.

The benefits of a pool

Reducing water evaporation

Have you noticed how water left in a vase or bowl on the countertop will eventually dry up? This is good ol’ evaporation, which can also happen if you leave your pool uncovered. While there are many factors that impact evaporation (wind, weather, and humidity), this water loss can damage your pool system. It can also translate into greater electricity costs as you’ll need to top off your pool’s water level and spend more on heating. The solution? An automatic pool cover, which has been shown to reduce water evaporation by as much as 95%.

Maintaining your pool temperature

Remember the water evaporation we talked about above? This evaporation can also lead to a pretty significant loss of heat in your pool. The evaporating water carries heat, which can alter the temperature of your pool. Preventing water evaporation by using an automatic pool cover is a great way to stabilize the temperature.

The benefits of a pool

Keeping your pool clean

If you leave your pool uncovered, you can already start planning the time, effort, and money you’ll need to clean it out. This can range from a professional cleaning to manually scooping out all of nature’s treasure.  Debris can also damage elements of your pool. Using a pool cover is an easy way to prevent leaves, twigs, and other outdoor debris from getting trapped in your pool, saving you time and money.

The benefits of a pool

Using less chemicals

Most of us aspire to use less chemicals in our daily life. The same applies to our pools. Using a cover can help you dramatically reduce the amount of chemicals, like chlorine, you are using in your pool. Specifically, covering your pool prevents the degradation of chlorine that is caused by the sun. This translates to using less chlorine when treating your pool.

The benefits of a pool

Saving money on pool maintenance

The energy costs associated with maintaining your pool’s water level and temperature can all impact your expenses. Installing a pool cover can prevent water evaporation and the subsequent cooling, lowering your maintenance costs.

The benefits of a pool

In addition to all the benefits, today there is a wide variety of pool covers for every price point and style.  Our AQUAlife automatic pool covers include above water covers, in water covers, or solar-powered mechanisms to offer you different options. To check out our selection,visit >>>

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