From dirty to crystal clear – pool cleaning guide

To keep the pool clean, safe and healthy, you’ll need frequent pool maintenance. With the right equipment, the basic knowledge, and a cleaning routine – it won’t take long to complete.

Here’s what you need to keep your pool clean and enjoyable.

What do you need to clean a pool?

The swimming pool comes with a built-in or attached cleaning system. That usually includes the pump for water circulation and the filtering systems. But this isn’t the only equipment you will need to keep the pool clear and safe to use. You’ll need the following list of pool equipment:

  • Pool net/pool skimmer – for manually removing dirt, leaves, and floaties from the pool’s surface.
  • Pool brush – for general cleaning of the pool’s edges, the pump, the skimmers, and the jets.
  • Vacuums and robots – for cleaning the bottom of the pool.
  • Pool chemistry equipment – used for water testing and balancing. This includes a water testing kit, algaecide, sanitizer (primarily chlorine, bromine, or salt), and pH increaser.

How to clean a pool?

Here are the steps to clean a pool:

  • Operate the pump to keep the water circulating.
  • Clean the edges, tiles, skimmers, backwash, and the jets using a brush and some wet cloth.
  • Add algaecide weekly to keep the pool water clear and to eliminate bacteria and algae.
  • Test the water using the test kit, and balance it as needed.

To test the water, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Test the water. The pH level should be around 7.5.
  2. Add pH increase if needed, and if there’s a high pH level, use an alkalizer to balance it.
  3. Check the pool’s sanitizer levels. Chlorine and bromine levels should be between 1 and 4 parts per million. If the level is lower, add sanitizer, but remember that the warm sun will evaporate and burn the sanitizer if it’s too high.

How to keep the pool clean?

A cleaning routine will help you keep your pool cleaner for longer period of time, without having to change the water. This will prevent you from having to troubleshoot problems when you’ve gone too long between cleanings.

Here’s the pool maintenance we recommend:

  • Keep the pump running for at least 10-12 hours a day.
  • Use a robot or a manual vacuum every other day, and if unexpected dirt gathers – clean it right away or when you’re done with the pool for the day.
  • Frequently test and balance the pool water.
  • During the off-season, prepare for winter by upping the pH levels, covering the pool with a net, and, if possible – sheltering it for when it will stay dormant.


Maintaining the pool is an important task. If you are on vacation or want peace of mind, you can always hire pool maintenance. However, cleaning a pool will become as simple as mopping your floors or cleaning the counters if you maintain a routine.

Now it’s time to start cleaning! For more maintenance tools and tips, please continue to browse our website.

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