How to take the perfect pool selfie

perfect pool selfie

Are you looking to up your selfie game? We hear you. If you are a pool owner, you’re in luck. Your pool can be the ultimate location for the perfect selfie. Before you start snapping away, check out our eight tips below. Don’t forget to tag us when sharing your results on Facebook and Instagram!

Here are our tips for the perfect pool selfie:

Location, location, location

The first step in creating the perfect selfie is choosing your location. With a pool, you have several photogenic options. Poolside pictures under a fun umbrella can give serious vacation vibes. Shots in the water are a blast. Another great location? Atop a festive float! Take your pick – giant pineapples, unicorns, even flamingoes – all make great locations for a selfie.


Choose the right angle

Choosing the right angle is a really important element in capturing the best selfie. Be cautious of shooting from a lower angle – this can often result in unflattering photos. We love keeping the phone at face-level or even raising the phone slightly above the face when taking a selfie. This angle tends to result in the best pictures.

right angle

Don’t forget the lighting

Nothing is worse than taking a selfie and realizing that the lighting is off or your eyes have gone squinty from the sun. We recommend making sure the sun is behind you when taking selfies, thus avoiding the sun shining straight into your eyes. You can also experiment with selfies during different times throughout the day. Selfies taken in the “golden hour” can help you glow and sunset pictures can give a more mysterious look.

Think about your background

Don’t forget to check out your background before taking a selfie. We suggest moving away garden clutter, equipment, or other less photogenic items that don’t add to the aesthetic of your picture. If you have a furry friend, be sure to decide if you want to include them in your shot, otherwise you might find yourself with a serious photobomb. Our tip? Definitely include ‘em. We love selfies that feature an adorable cat, dog, or other pets!


Don’t underestimate props

With the pool as your background, there are tons of props that you can incorporate into your selfie. Are you enjoying a refreshing cocktail? Include it in your selfie! We also love using colorful towels, tropical umbrellas, classic lounge furniture, glam sunglasses, and fun hats to complete the look. Additionally, don’t forget your swimsuit! Bright colors and patterns often photograph really well and you can even match your suit to some of the other props you have at hand.


Keep your lens clean

Nothing can botch a perfect selfie like a dirty lens. Use a microfiber cloth to clean your phone lens and pay extra attention to finger prints, lint, or other gunk that lives on your phone.  

Don’t forget to smile!

We’ve all seen them – pictures with fake or exaggerated smiles that look a little…off. We think the perfect selfies are those that capture moments of joy and happiness. Authentic, natural smiles are practically infectious and make for the most captivating selfies.

Practice makes perfect

What makes selfies so fun is how easy they are to do and how you can improve your skills with every picture you take. Practice makes perfect, and this is definitely the case with taking selfies. With time, you’ll learn the colors you like best and the angles that make you feel most happy and confident. Don’t like a shot? We recommend checking your selfies and troubleshooting elements that bother you. Don’t be nervous about experimenting or trying new things – you can always delete the picture!

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