Robotic Pool Cleaners

5 Reasons to Buy a Dolphin

Maytronics is a global leader in the robotic pool cleaning business. A Maytronics Dolphin has all of the latest technological advancements. Residential pool cleaning robots range in price from $499 to $1599 (depending on the model). Buying a pool cleaning robot is a big decision that you won’t regret.

Building a pool is a large home investment. Cleaning your pool can require thousands of hours of labor over the life of your pool. A pool cleaning robot can help protect that investment and save you valuable time. Here are 5 reasons to buy a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner:

Time Savings

It can take hours to clean your pool. You could be enjoying that time with your family. Why waste time in the hot summer, when a pool cleaning robot can make your pool pristine in 2 hours? Simply plug-in, press the power button and drop the robot in your pool.

Cleaning Performance

Pool cleaning robots like the Dolphin have scrubbers and filters. Active brushing delivers extra scrubbing and cleaning to remove debris from your pools surface. Ultra-fine filtration captures and removes particles and large debris. The Power Stream Mobility System allows the Dolphin to climb walls and clean the waterline of large pools.

Extended Life on Pool Cleaning System + Energy Savings

Suction cleaners can use a lot of energy per use. Dolphin pool cleaning robots filter out larger particles so that your pool cleaning system doesn’t have to work as hard. These cost savings add to a great value of time.

Can You Use a Robot if You Have a Suction Cleaner?

Suction cleaners can be a cheaper way to remove large debris from pools; however, you can use both suction cleaners and pool cleaning robots simultaneously. Many of our customers use a pool cleaning robot with their suction cleaner.

Pool cleaning robots like a Dolphin are able to filter ultra-fine particles and debris, unlike some suction cleaners.

Spot Cleans (remote control) with the MyDolphin Plus™ Mobile App.

Have a lot of leaves in your pool? Not a problem.

A Dolphin like the S400 pool cleaning robot has a Bluetooth® remote control that allows you to spot-clean your pool.
Pool users may now download the easy-to-use MyDolphin Plus™ Mobile App. via the Apple or Android App Stores, and use their smartphone or tablet in place of remote control.

Invest in a pool cleaning robot and spend your free-time the way you want.

Put a Dolphin in Your Pool!

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