Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Pool Care? It’s Easy!

Maintaining a pool can be expensive, time-consuming, and wasteful, but it doesn’t have to be!

Maintaining a pool can be expensive, time-consuming, and wasteful, but it doesn’t have to be! By offering sustainable solutions to owning and operating a home swimming pool, Maytronics’ innovative, eco-friendly technology lets you have a greener pool—in a good way.

Better for Your Wallet

Work smarter not harder! The Dolphin Pool Cleaning Robot not only spares you from the grueling task of scrubbing and vacuuming your pool, but it also saves you money.

Traditional cleaning systems are powered by the pool’s pump, which after air conditioners are the largest energy drains on a home. On the other hand, Dolphin cleaners plug into a standard outlet and operate independently of the pump, allowing you to thoroughly clean your entire pool for less than 15 cents per cycle!
These energy-efficient features not only save money upfront but also reduce the wear on your pool pump and filter, keeping costs down in the long run.

Better for the Environment

Energy efficiency isn’t the only way the Dolphin is eco-friendly. While the Dolphin is doing a knockout job cleaning the floor and walls of your pool, it is collecting the dirt and debris in a self-contained multi-layered filter basket. This feature takes the load off of your pool filter and reduces the need to backwash by 30%, conserving water and energy. In addition, the action of the Dolphin increases circulation so the water is efficiently filtered, which can reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep your pool sparkling clean.

If you think that heating your pool just uses too much energy to make it sustainable, Maytronics offers a solution—the Solara. Solar energy is the ultimate green, renewable resource, and solar panel technology has come a long way, becoming more affordable and more efficient. The Solara Pool Heater is crafted from polymeric glazed insulation solar panels. These compact, easy-to-use panels work like a greenhouse to trap heat from the sun and raise the temperature in your pool by up to 10 degrees. Enjoy your pool throughout the year without wasting valuable energy resources.

Better for Your Health

The downside of swimming in a pool—too much chlorine. We’ve all experienced the brittle hair, stinging red eyes, and dried out skin after time in the pool. Fortunately, Maytronics has partnered with Dryden Aqua to bring you two revolutionary, eco-friendly water treatment solutions—Activate and Enhanced Summer—created by Dr. Howard Dryden to improve water safety for dolphins and other mammals in captivity. This one-two punch uses state-of-the-art technology to create a safe swimming environment for your family.

Activate is a self-sterilizing permanent filter media that attracts and captures bacteria and algae before they accumulate and congest your pool filter. A more efficient filter means cleaner water with less maintenance and fewer chemicals.

Enhance Summer is a 3-in-1 water treatment solution that harnesses the sun’s energy to create active free radicals that help eliminate pollutants from your pool without unpleasant chemical side effects. This system allows you to add chlorine less often and reduces the need for stabilizers, clarifiers, or polishers. Less is definitely more when it comes to chemicals and your family’s health!
Maytronics is the industry leader in sustainable complete swimming pool care that offers you an exceptional pool experience while protecting your family’s health and the environment.

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