How your pool is the perfect background for meditation

In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in meditation. Those who meditate regularly find the practice to relieve stress, increase focus, and create a greater sense of calm. Other benefits include improved memory, better sleep, and depression management. Part of what makes meditation so popular is that it can be practiced anywhere – in your bed, car, on a park bench, or even on the couch. For the lucky among us though, a pool is the perfect backdrop for regular meditation practice.
Sound of water

Fewer Distractions

Our lives indoors are filled with a lot of distractions – the sound of the dryer, kids clamoring for our attention, the ticking of a clock. Sometimes, it even feels impossible to find a quiet environment to think. These distractions can make indoor meditation more challenging. That’s why outdoor meditation is ideal, especially for beginners who are at the start of their meditation journey. Meditating outside can provide a more natural, serene, and quiet backdrop for you to deepen your practice, without the indoor distractions we all know so well.

Fewer Distractions

Being Outside is Good for Us

Few things are more rejuvenating and fun than spending time outdoors. But spending time outdoors isn’t just fun – it’s good for us. Along with fewer distractions, spending time outdoors can also improve your health and happiness. Coupled with the benefits of meditation, taking a few minutes for deep breathing and introspection outdoors can directly benefit your mood. According to a 2019 article published in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research, even 20 minutes spent outdoors can improve well-being. According to the study, park visitors experienced significant improvement in affect and life satisfaction after their time outdoors.

How your pool is the perfect

Water is Relaxing

Take a second to imagine the sound of water. Think waves crashing at the beach, or the sound of rain hitting your window. For most, these sounds are almost instantly relaxing. If you are a lucky pool owner, you know just the feeling of calm that comes with being around water. Some research has shown that the sounds water makes can be extremely relaxing, largely thanks to its gradual, non-threatening nature. In addition, the movement of water has also been shown to slow down brain waves. Together with a meditation practice, you can feel the ultimate calm while poolside.

How your pool is the perfect

Water Transports Us

According to author and researcher Wallace J. Nichols, just the presence of water can help take a break. According to Nichols, “When we step away from our high-stressed lives and step into nature, we get a shift. Physiologically, our brains and bodies change. We relax, and the quality of our thought changes. A different brain network activates. That brain network is available for a completely different kind of quality of thought which is much more introspective and self-referential.” This introspection is ideal for meditation. 

Water feels like a vacation

Few places are as relaxing and calming as warm, sandy beaches. Though most of us aren’t lucky to live on deserted islands or near jaw-dropping beaches (we wish!), our backyard pool can serve as a great alternative. Spending some time meditating near your pool can help you feel as relaxed as you are on vacation, without having to leave home.

How your pool is the perfect

Life is stressful, but your sparkling pool can be the perfect place to unwind. Keep your pool looking its best with our Dolphin robotic pool cleaners.

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